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PhiRemoval basic training

The PhiRemoval course focuses on the removal of tattoos and semi-permanent makeup. Procedures are intended to be used on all facial and bodily areas. Treatments involve the use of progressive PhiRemoval products that produce results while preserving the integrity of the skin.
The tattoo removal tool works with the same equipment as tattooing or micropigmentation devices. The technique can be used both working manually and with PMU machines.

PhiAcademy facilitates your learning by providing a live training of one day comprised of concise theory and a hands-on session.
The theoretical part covers all key topics, including the preparation of the client, the entire removal process, proper after-care etc.
The practical session involves the removal of a tattoo/PMU on a live model. Students will have the privilege of being monitored by the Master Technician who will answer questions and offer required advice.
The live training event will result in the award of the Certificate of Attendance and grant access to the Craft Master application, which provides a six-months system of online education on the tattoo and PMU removal as well as assistance by the Master Technician.
The successful completion of the online course will mean the fulfilment of all respective criteria in line with PhiAcademy standards and will earn a participant the PhiRemoval Technician Certificate issued by the Master Technician, attesting to the completed level of Craft Master education. This will result in the award of the title of the Technician and the marking on the map of all Artists/Technicians on the official website of the Academy.

Every participant will be provided with a starter kit comprised of all required products and tools. The kit can be used for further improvement and work.

Invest your time in self-confidence through experience.


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Apr 09 2021

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